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On May 10, 2000 the Government of Canada introduced Bill C-34, which prescribed a number of changes to the handling and transportation of prairie grain. In conjunction with its enactment on August 1, 2001 the government also announced that they would appoint an independent third party to monitor the overall efficiency of the prairie grain handling and transportation system, including the impact of changes on producers, the Canadian Wheat Board, railways, grain companies and ports.

On June 19, 2001 the Government of Canada announced that Quorum Corporation had been selected as the monitor for the prairie grain handling and transportation system.

Since then Quorum Corporation, under the Grain Monitor's mandate, has provided the Government with a series of weekly, monthly and annual reports that track the changes in the structure of the grain handling and transportation system, commercial relations, the efficiency and reliability of the system, short-term operational performance and producer impacts. In addition, the Monitor is often called upon to perform ad hoc and supplemental studies for the Government as well as providing industry groups with context on the performance of the system.

To ensure that as broad a view as possible is taken in measuring the efficiency of the GHTS, Quorum Corporation consults extensively with the industry's key stakeholders. The Monitoring team meets with over 40 different stakeholder groups at least once a year in order to receive feedback on industry issues as well as to provide updates of the Monitoring program's findings. Any and all stakeholder feedback, comments, questions and input are welcome and we encourage the industry to contact any of the team members at their convenience.

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The Grain Monitoring program is a joint effort of Transport Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.


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