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Monitoring Team

The Grain Monitoring team is comprised of four principal individuals:

  • Mark Hemmes, President of Quorum Corporation - as the team leader Mark has an extensive background in the area of grain transportation. During his 23 years with the rail industry, he has held a variety of senior positions in the field of marketing and transportation and is well versed in the wider issues faced in improving the competitiveness of Canada's GHTS.

    Email Mark at: mhemmes@quorumcorp.net

  • Bruce McFadden, Director of Research and Analysis - Grain Industry Section. Bruce holds a comprehensive understanding of the grain industry and grain logistics. Prior to joining Quorum in 2001 he spent 12 years at the Western Grain Transportation Agency in Winnipeg.

    Email Bruce at: bmcfadden@quorumcorp.net

  • Marcel Beaulieu, Director of Research and Analysis - Rail Industry Section. Before joining Quorum in 2000, Marcel brought 20 years of transportation experience from his time within the rail industry, and as an independent industry consultant.

    Email Marcel at: mbeaulieu@quorumcorp.net

  • Warren Bohm, Director of Research and Analysis - Marine Industry Section. Warren has an extensive understanding of systems related analytical techniques and a background in business related measures approaches.

    Email Warren at: wbohm@quorumcorp.net


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