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August 26, 2015

Grain Monitorís Weekly Report:

The Performance Update for Grain Week 2 is now available. This report provides a snapshot of some current operational measures for the Western GHTS. These include stock levels, rail car allocation plans, port unloads, port shipments and vessel lineups.

A number of changes have been incorporated into the GMP Report for the 2015-16 Crop Year. Changes are as follows:

The timeframe for most of the graphs has been shortened from the entire crop year to ten trailing weeks and ten weeks ahead in order to improve the presentation. This is done throughout the report.

Railway performance graphs have been simplified to include only the orders accepted and the plan for each railway this year and last. (Pg. 3)

Allocation vs. unload performance is portrayed for the major western ports, by railway. (Pg. 4)

The current weekís unloads have been moved and are now presented before the year-to-date cumulative unloads. (Pg. 5)

A comparative line depicting the previous yearís vessel lineup has been added to the existing charts. (Pg. 8)

A small chart depicting the number of vessels cleared each week at Vancouver and Prince Rupert has been added following the graphs for each portís vessel lineup. (Pg. 8)

August 13, 2015

June 2015 Monthly Report:

The Grain Monitor’s June 2015 Report covering the 2014-15 crop year to date and the accompanying Data Tables are now available.

New this month are car cycle measures for US corridors.

Please click on the “get the latest reports” button to access the June 2015 Report.

The GMP monthly reports are accessible here on the Grain Monitor’s website ( www.grainmonitor.ca ). Annual Reports will continue to be produced and published to this website. Production of Quarterly Reports will cease, although the Data Tables will include a quarterly aggregation for each measure for continuity.

July 30, 2015

Grain Monitorís 2013-14 Annual Report is posted

The Grain Monitorís 2013-2014 Crop year Annual Report was posted today on the Grain Monitor website.

You will find the complete history of GMP submissions as well as a selection of presentations and papers on this website. Click Reports above to access the listings.

You can also find a copy of the GMPís GHTS at a Glance on our site. It is a four page foldout intended to be printed on 11 x 17 paper that makes for a good reference and summary of the key measures from the GMP.

As always, we welcome all input from industry stakeholders. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call or contact us.

New measures

Following changes in the mandate of the GMP, some new measures have been added:

  • The GMP will now measure the movement of Western Canadian grain by rail to the US, Mexico and Eastern Canadian destinations as well as the movement by rail of US grain to Canadian destinations. Ultimately, this will include performance measures on car cycles and loaded transit times.
  • The railway fleet size in grain service and railway loads-on-wheels will be included.
  • The time port terminals are staffed and out of cars to unload (unproductive time) will be reported.
  • The measurement of rail car order fulfillment is still in development.

Access to the Grain Monitoring Data Tables

The GMP’s foundation remains the data received from industry stakeholders. The measures derived from this data will be published on our website monthly. These will continue to be provided in Excel format using the same table series that has become familiar to those using the data.

Access to past editions and historical data

Past editions of the GMP Reports, Data Tables, Supplemental Studies and Papers will continue to be accessible here.

We hope you find this new format and information useful. As always, questions and comments regarding the measures and data are welcomed by the Quorum staff.