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October 22, 2014

Grain Monitor’s Q3 2013-14 Report Released

The report for the third quarter of the 2013-2014 Crop year was posted today on the Grain Monitor website.

You will find the complete history of GMP submissions as well as a selection of presentations and papers on this website. Click Reports above to access the listings.

You can find a copy of the GMP’s GHTS at a Glance on our site. It is a four page foldout intended to be printed on 11 x 17 paper that makes for a good reference and summary of the key measures from the GMP.

As always, we welcome all input from industry stakeholders. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call or contact us.

What we are working on ...

2013-14 Annual Report

The grain monitoring team is presently working on the 2013-14 Annual report.

Move to Monthly and Expanded Measures

Many will have heard of the Governments instructions that the Grain Monitoring Program is to move to a monthly reporting with an expanded measures mandate. Quorum is continuing to work with the railways in the development of the measures and to obtain the data required to develop those measures in a timely manner.

Grain Industry Supply Chain Review

With work initiated in late November 2011, the study is part of the Government of Canada’s recommendations stemming from the Review of Railway Service. The terms of reference for the study supports the commercial solutions recommended by the Rail Freight Service Review Panel and is to identify ways to improve the effectiveness of grain supply chains – with the main focus being on developing more aligned objectives between marketing systems and grain supply chains. This study is being performed in conjunction Quorums’ sister company, QGI Consulting.

The report is in the final editing stage and should be released by the Government soon.

Grain Monitoring Program (GMP) Dashboard for Q3 the 2013-14 Crop Year

2012-13 Crop Year

Q3 2013-14


Total Time in System (Days) :

Reflects the impact of reduced time at port

Loaded Transit Time (Days):
Heavy volumes resulting from increased demand
Time In Store - Country (Days):
Impact of increased volumes and shortage of rail capacity
Time In Store - Terminal (Days):

Reflects falling volumes to the ports

Vessel Time in Port (Days):
Reflects increased vessel lineups and severity of grain shortfall at port

Elevator Turnover Ratio:



Reflects higher demand for grain/ higher throughput

Total Car Cycle (Days):
Strong volume movement

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